The empowerment of women is upon us and very much long overdue. I have been realizing more and more lately, as I have long suspected, that albeit men have their unique talents and strengths, women bring an intelligence to some of these same talents and strengths that often times outclasses men and is simply more often than not superior.

If you take the everyday example of running a household with children, this job or role is often referred to in an undeserving sexist and demeaning manner. I have been at home for the last four months helping to raise our newborn who also has an 18 month old sibling. What I have found over that time and in observation of other couples in similar situations is that women’s intelligent multitasking and decision making is not only on a par but beyond the capabilities of a lot of men. These are not just traits that are unique to a household situation but strengths that are transferable to any organization. I have seen the organizational skills, efficient delegation, management of difficult situations and decision making skills that are more effective than most male business owners and managers I have known. Apparent susceptibility to emotions must never be thought upon as weakness, in a more evolved world, it is a strength that far surpasses its age old opposite.

In my last business we had more woman than men working for us and this was not by accident. When it came to day to day running of the business, in most aspects it was our female employees who were ‘running the show’ (on numerous occasions asking us to step aside as our presence was hindering progress! They were right). I would regard myself as a strong capable man but I was under the illusion that as  a proud father of a household and owner of a business, I was certainly running one show and jointly running the other. Whereas for a majority of the time it was actually women who were more effectively running both!

So where does this male illusion come from? One theory is that for too long men’s physical strength and sometimes overconfident prehistoric bravado has been central to a superiority complex. Women generally don’t suffer from this affliction, but for a long time it has kept them in the shadows regardless of whether they may have been ‘running the show’ quietly in the background or not. This physical strength and bravado of men is thankfully starting to evolve and crumble underneath itself as it is seen as something that is not quiet necessary in today’s world.

I think the future of a successful relationship between the sexes is absolute equality. We all have different strengths and capabilities but none should overpower someone else’s. I have seen an element of society of sexist feminism where it is men who are been demeaned and almost hated upon. When I see this I can understand part of where it might be coming from. Not that I would presume to speak for any woman but men have been demeaning women for so long there is almost an acceptable amount of revenge when you strike back in a wonderful revolutionary manner.

This is not the solution though, this only sets out a path that is not fully forward moving but circles back on itself.  It is a way where women could easily be the prominent rulers of the world and part of me would love to see things get done in the very different, probably more intelligent and effective way. To see the capabilities of women to the forefront of society, of politics, of governance, of global issues. It would also be interesting to see the roles that men would play when the bravado is broken down.  However I think having the exact reversal of how things are now is not a sustainable path forward. It will come back around to a time when men will be starting a “Me too” and “Times up” campaign for themselves.

It is only with an absolute mindset of a equality and in the sharing and utilizing of our unique strengths that we will pave the way forward that is in the best interest of womankind, mankind and for the world that we must share – together.

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